Stock Portfolio Tracker for Canadian and US Stocks

Portfoloo offers unlimited portfolio tracking and unlimited stocks in each portfolio so you can keep a tab on all your accounts.

Stock Portfolio dashboard

How it works

About Portfoloo

Portfoloo aims to be your stock portfolio management tool that you can use to track and analyze all your portfolios. Currently, there are many choices for stock analysis, but, few to manage and analyze your investments as portfolios across different accounts. We're here to serve that niche for the DIY investor.

All our features

Portfoloo offers a wide range of features.

Unlimited Portfolios

Create unlimited portfolios to organize all your investment accounts.

Unlimited Stocks

Add as many Canadian and US stocks as your want to any of your portfolios.

Portfolio Balance

See each of your portfolio balances.

Track Dividends

Keep track of your dividends.

Stock Splits

Keep track of stock splits.

Import Your Stocks (NEW!)

Import your stocks via Excel.

Two Currencies

Keep track of each portfolio in either Canadian or US currency.

Trading View Add-ons

Use Charts, Stock Screener, and Technical Analysis features from Trading View integrated into Portfoloo.

Coming Soon!

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